Dive Sites - North

The North of the Komodo National Park has unparalleled dive sites and is one of the most interesting places in the world to dive!

This area of the park is full of staggering pinnacles that attracts incredible schools of fish. Here you can also see huge pelagic species as they cruise by, using the stunning reefs to stop off to clean and feed. There are sites with unique passage ways between islands that provide the opportunity for some of the most exhilarating and enjoyable dives.

Ride the currents as you watch giant trevally's hunting smaller reef fish, manta rays cruising by and experience some of the sharkiest waters in the Komodo National Park! Due to the seasons, this area has the best conditions from March - October, although we have trips there throughout the year.

Crystal Rock

Crystal rock is one of the most famous dive sites in the Komodo National Park. The name derives from the absolutely stunning viability we often get at the site. This is a pinnacle dive site, covered in stunningly colourful soft coral and numerous hard corals. The colours here will blow you away!

There can be strong currents here, so as always make sure you stay close to your dive guide. This site can be dived in two ways. Either you dive the lee side; this is the protected area of the pinnacle. Here you can shelter yourself away from the current and relax and enjoy as schools of fish swirl their way around you. Or you can take the more adventurous way and dive what's called the 'split'. This means you go along with the current towards the pinnacle, as it hits the pinnacle then you're in for the quite the ride! This is a great way to see grey reef sharks, crazy amounts of fish and experience the famous currents of Komodo!

This site is a fantastic place to see pelagic fish, turtles, white tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, napoleon wrasse, schools of sweetlips, surgeon fish and the occasional eagle ray. It is also a macro lovers haven with tons of nudibranches and pygmy seahorse, frog fish and scorpion fish to be seen.

This dive site always provides the goods and can be dived numerous times with each dive being different from the last.

Castle Rock

A close neighbor to Crystal Rock this dive site also has strong currents and is best dived at slack tide. This is a submerged reef, so sometimes it can be necessary to do a negative entry. This can be an intense dive with all kinds of fish life! Your dive guide may bring out a reef hook, bring you to a rock and hook in to enjoy the epic show.

Here you can see hoards of trevally, mackerel, tuna and giant trevally. Along with sharks and turtles. This site is also a fantastic place to find pygmy seahorse.

Then work your way back to the top and shelter in the large boulders and rocky castles that give this spectacular dive site its name and become part of a school of welcoming bannerfish or midnight snapper or spend your time searching for ribbon eels, crocodile fish and leaf scorpion fish just to name a few!

The Cauldron or The Shotgun

One of the most exhilarating dive sites in Komodo, this site starts off with a gentle drift over a beautiful coral garden with large gorgonian fans and coral bommies covered in glass fish. Be sure to investigate these bommies as you can usually find many types of shrimps and pipe fish hiding inside. Also, wherever there are glass fish you can guarantee that a few scorpion fish or even frogfish will be nearby to feed off of them!

As the current picks up the bottom drops from 14 m to 22 m and you find yourself in the 'cauldron', which is a huge crater with many nooks and crannies to explore. You can spot large schools of trevally, midnight snapper, sharks, an occasional turtle. Often manta rays and devil rays are spotted here enjoying the currents!

For you more adventurous divers this dive site can be done when there is a strong current and it will roller coaster you along and shotgun you out of the cauldron at the end before slowing down to a gentle drift yet again (your dive computer is sure to complain on this dive site!). Be sure to stick close to your guide as its easy to get separated in the current if you are not careful.

This is often our most requested dive site, as people want to experience the thrill of the shotgun time and time again!

Golden Passage

An incredible dive site that takes you on a ride through a kaleidoscope of as many different colors and landscapes as you can imagine. From golden coral reefs to sandy slopes where the whitetip reef sharks rest, to large coral formations and rocky outcrops. Usually there is a strong current here so just go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

On this site you can usually see turtles and whitetip reef sharks, grey reef sharks and black tips. Keep your eyes open though as you may see devil rays, eagle rays or mantas making their way through the passage to get to North Komodo!

What else have we seen in this region?

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