The Diving

The Komodo National Park is vast, and due to its geography - along with many other factors - the diving here is incredibly diverse.

We have divided the diving into three areas - the North, Central and South, with each having its own marine life, topography and currents that will take your breath away. The best locations for diving in the park is fairly seasonal. Throughout the year the centre of the park has fantastic diving. Boasting sites a whole range of marine critters! Ornate ghost pipefish, frogfish, cuttlefish, octopus, eels, sharks, turtles, mantas and much much more!

From November through to March the wind comes from the North and this means favourable conditions for the South of the park. However, that does mean larger waves in the North area making trips there a little trickier. Come March and the wind changes, coming from the South meaning the conditions swap, the North fills with warm clear water and the South becomes more wavey and harder to dive. The time of year you arrive will affect the dive sites that are open to you, but the diving is genuinely fantastic all year round, and Mantas Rays are seen all year round!

Scuba Junkie Komodo house reef

Our amazing house reef is an awesome dive in its own right and throws up all manner of wish list subjects from pipe fish, nudi branchs, frog fish, mandarin fish and the occasional once in a life time treat such as dugong which have been spotted several times while diving this reef.

The site is situated in the bay directly in front of the beach restaurant so visability is usually around 8 to 10m but that is more than enough to see all it has to offer and Scuba Junkie Komodo is the only center to dive here! The site starts shallow about 20m out from shore where we descend the reef descends onto soft coral gardens and coral bommies where batfish, sweetlips, mandarin fish and ribbon eels can all be found. The reef plateaus out to around 12m to 14m where the reef drops again to another plateau with a rubbly soft coral bottom and again at around 18m. This area can be susceptible to current so is best dived on a slack tide and is where cuttlefish, robust ghost pipe fish, nudis, many many sting rays and more can all be found while hunting around the bottom. Keep an eye out for bigger stuff such as the sail fin snapper, groupers and as mentioned, you never know what else can swim by!!! This site is also perfect for night dives from the resort.

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