• Get up close and personal
    with manta rays in both places
    Photo Credit - Syed Hafiz
  • Stunning corals and schooling fish!
    Photo Credit - scubazoo.com
  • Encounter the world's largest bony fish,
    mola molas
  • Explore wild and rugged Nusa Penida
  • Visit the impressive, unique
    and endangered Komodo dragons

Komodo & Nusa Penida - Indonesia Diving Holiday

Indonesia is frequently voted the world's best dive destination, and once you've made one visit you will be sure to see why, and we bet it won't be your last!

With over 17,500 individual islands the allure of Indonesia has captivated explorers and adventurers such as Alfred Wallace and Jacques Cousteau for centuries.

Indonesia lies in the heart of the coral triangle, the most bio-diverse area on the planet. With deep sea trenches, sea mounts, active volcanoes and the Indonesian Throughflow current this is one outstanding dive destination. From the smallest pygmy seahorses and bizarre looking nudibranchs to the large and majestic manta rays and mola-molas, there is something to entertain every type of diver. It is also home to the largest manta ray sanctuary in the world, with manta rays being protected in the whole of Indonesia!

Scuba Junkie offers you the chance to combine two amazing Indonesian dive destinations in one holiday with the Komodo - Penida combo.

Why visit Komodo National Park?

Often referred to as the gem of Indonesia, the Komodo National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the seven new natural wonders of the world - meaning your trip is sure to be stunning out of the water too! Our spacious day trip boats allow you to soak up the sun whilst taking in the breathtaking scenery and our fun, professional and experienced crew will ensure you have the diving experience of a life time. From exhilarating drifts to fascinating muck dives, the only problem you will face is which lens to use on your camera!

We see manta rays thoughout the year, in addition to all manner of sharks, turtles, fantastic coral and an abundance of schooling fish. The diving here is mind-blowing all year round, but where we predominantly dive varies throughout the year. From March - September the conditions favour the North of the National Park, and from October to February they favour the South. The centre of the park we dive all year round. No matter where we go you will be sure to encounter an incredibly diverse array of marine life and rare species from the beautiful to the bizarre.

Our secluded resort, surrounded by nature, is closer to the dive sites and away from the crowds and noise of Labuan Bajo. Our beach front restaurant and bar faces the stunning sunsets over the park and we have plenty of hammocks for you to relax and enjoy the incredible views from the resort. Although we recommend you dive every day, there are some lovely walks around the resort if you do decide to rest.

Why visit the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area?

On the edge of the Lombok strait the nutrient rich waters here bring weird and wonderful megafauna all year round. Manta rays call the South of Penida their home throughout the year, plus the world's largest bony fish - mola mola (Mola alexandrini) visit from the depths in the colder water season from June to November. Turtles and reef sharks can be seen throughout the year, plus whale sharks, thresher sharks and wobbegong are also regularly seen. For those who love the macro life there are many nudibranch and crustacean species as well as cephalopods to keep you challenged.

Let's not forget about the exhilarating currents! Whether you're an experienced current afficionado or new to drift diving, we can guide you on some super fun dive adventures.

With an amazing, rugged coastline and a very spiritual history, this chilled out and laid back island has lots to offer on land as well. Think temples, spectacular view points, natural infinity pools and secret beaches... Adventures await both underwater and on land.

What packages do we offer?

Scuba Junkie Penida

Certified diver packages - 3 dives per day
Rates (** PER PERSON **)

These packages include accommodation plus 3 dives per day. We have refreshments on board after the first dive, then lunch on board after the second dive and then return to the dive centre after the third dive.
Stay Diving Room Options (rates in IDR)
Days/Nights Dive Days No. Of Dives   En-suite AC Room
Dormitory (Double/Twin) (Single)
3D/2N 2 6 3,380,000 IDR 3,430,000 IDR 3,760,000 IDR
4D/3N 2 6 3,520,000 IDR 3,600,000 IDR 4,090,000 IDR
3 9 5,070,000 IDR 5,150,000 IDR 5,640,000 IDR
5D/4N 3 9 5,200,000 IDR 5,310,000 IDR 5,970,000 IDR
4 12 6,080,000 IDR 6,180,000 IDR 6,770,000 IDR
6D/5N 4 12 6,200,000 IDR 6,330,000 IDR 7,070,000 IDR
7D/6N 5 15 7,290,000 IDR 7,430,000 IDR 8,280,000 IDR
8D/7N 6 18 8,730,000 IDR 8,890,000 IDR 9,870,000 IDR
  • Rates are valid till 31st Dec 2020
All packages exclude:
  • Transfers to and from Nusa Penida island
  • Evening meals & lunches when not diving
  • Night dives

See our full range of packages for Nusa Penida.

Scuba Junkie Komodo Resort

Diving Packages
Stay Activities Room Options
# of
Included Twin Garden Bale Ensuite Fan Room Ensuite AC Room
4D/3N 6
  • dragon tour
  • boat transfers
  • all meals
  • 10% GST
4,950,000 IDR 6,450,000 IDR 6,975,000 IDR
5D/4N 9
  • dragon tour
  • boat transfers
  • all meals
  • 10% GST
6,750,000 IDR 8,750,000 IDR 9,450,000 IDR
6D/5N 12
  • dragon tour
  • boat transfers
  • all meals
  • 10% GST
8,550,000 IDR 11,050,000 IDR 11,925,000 IDR
7D/6N 15
  • dragon tour
  • boat transfers
  • all meals
  • 10% GST
  • free sunset fruit bat tour
10,350,000 IDR 12,750,000 IDR 13,800,000 IDR
8D/7N 18
  • dragon tour
  • boat transfers
  • all meals
  • 10% GST
  • free sunset fruit bat tour
12,150,000 IDR 14,950,000 IDR 16,175,000 IDR
  • All prices include the 10% GST
  • Rates are valid till 31st Dec 2019
  • From the 1st July until the 30th September and again from the 20th December until the 7th January. High season rates will apply. Theses rates are as follows:
    - Garden Bales 50,000 IDR per person per night extra
    - Ensuite Fan Room 100,000 IDR per person per night extra
    - Ensuite AC Room 100,000 IDR per person per night extra
  • Please note, room rates in the above packages are based on Twin Share. For Single occupancy there is a 350,000 IDR surcharge per night.
All packages exclude:
  • Komodo National Park permit fee of 275,000 IDR per day and 350,000 on Sundays and public holidays.
  • Komodo dragon tour entrace permits of 265,000 (Mon-Sat) and 340,000 (Sun & public holidays)
  • Alcoholic and soft drinks from our bar (cash only)
  • The park fees must be paid in cash only on arrival

Traveling between Nusa Penida and Komodo

Nusa Penida lies just 20km off of mainland Bali, the island of the gods. With easy international and domestic flight connections there are plenty of options to fly into one of Indonesia's largest hubs.
From Bali's Denpasar airport (DPS) you can connect on to Scuba Junkie Penida right away or fly on with a short hop over to Labuan Bajo airport (LBJ) in a single flight to experience Scuba Junkie Komodo.

Once you land in Bali it's 30-40 minutes in a taxi to Sanur beach followed by 30-40 minutes by fast boat to reach Nusa Penida. You need to land in DPS by 2:30pm to be able to make it to Penida on the same day.

Once you land in Labuan Bajo it's a short taxi ride (10 minutes) followed by a one hour scenic boat ride to the resort. You need to land in LBJ by 1pm to make it to the resort on the same day with our regular scheduled boat transfer.

Here's our suggested itinerary to get the most diving days out of your combo trip:
  • Day 1 - Fly into Bali (DPS) - Arrive by 2:30pm - boat transfer to Nusa Penida and check in to Scuba Junkie Penida
  • Day 2 - Diving Nusa Penida MPA
  • Day 3 - Diving Nusa Penida MPA
  • Day 4 - Diving Nusa Penida MPA
  • Day 5 - Diving Nusa Penida MPA
  • Day 6 - Check out - early boat from Nusa Penida to Bali - taxi to the airport - fly to Labuan Bajo landing by 1pm - transfer to Scuba Junkie Komodo and check in
  • Day 7 - Diving Komodo NP
  • Day 8 - Diving Komodo NP
  • Day 9 - Diving Komodo NP
  • Day 10 - Diving Komodo NP
  • Day 11 - Check out - Komodo Dragon tour on Rinca island - return to Labuan Bajo (you can book a flight departing at 3pm or later)
TOTAL 6D/5N (4 days diving with 12 dives) Nusa Penida and 6D/5N (4 days diving with 12 dives) Komodo.

Here you can see the best flight times to take from Bali to Labuan bajo to be able to travel between the two resorts on the same day.

It's also possible to stay at Komodo first, but due to the dragon tour on the final day and the flight time from Labuan Bajo to Bali you would need to overnight in Bali before heading over to Nusa Penida. This option is possible too, but you would need an extra day on the itinerary overall to get the same total number of dive days.

Need a custom package with a longer or shorter stay in either place? No problem, contact us for a quote.

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