• Travel around the Komodo National Park
    in affordable comfort and style
  • Fully equipped with everything you need
    for a perfect days diving
  • Our transfer boat
    from Labuan Bajo

Our boats

We believe that a comfortable, spacious and safe boat is the best and only way to experience the Komodo National Park.

We currently have three custom made wooden dive boats that are amongst the biggest, fastest and most comfortable day boats in the park. Each dive boat is accompanied by a small speed boat with a 40 horsepower engine. This is for extra safety and flexibility.

All boats are perfectly designed to handle the swells and currents in the Komodo National Park and are fitted with all necessary safety equipment - O2, GPS, Sonar, life jackets, life rings, full medical kits and Marine Radios.

The 'Birostris' and the 'Alfredi'

We have two 'fun diving' boats. The 'Birostris' (named after the Oceanic Manta Rays) and the 'Alfredi' (the Reef Manta). Both boats were built from the keel up using artisan methods by local boat builders in Flores. Just like their name sakes they are perfectly at home in the Komodo waters.

Both boats are spacious and feature a large seating area for eating. Breakfast is a selection of pancakes, eggs, fresh fruit, freshly baked bread and tea or coffee. This is served on the way to the dive sites. From sitting on the bow of the boat and taking in the stunning scenery that surrounds you, to lying down on comfortable bean bags on the sun deck - so you can top up your tan - you will find plenty of places to relax in comfort and style - and spot the odd dolphin or dugong!

Both boats also feature a captain's cabin, a marine toilet and a large dive deck area at the stern of the boat and a dining area in the Bow. Each has a large, wide ladder for easy access after the dives as well as a captain, mechanic and boat crew onboard to make your trips into the park, comfortable, safe and relaxing!.

Both these boats will focus on taking divers out to the best spots in the Komodo National Park, whether it's North, Central or South.

Coming soon, our specialized course boat!

This boat is the newest in our fleet and will be more focused on taking out courses. From DSD to Divemaster this will give students the greatest conditions and flexibility needed to complete their courses.

By allocating a separate boat for courses, we can visit the easier and more relaxed sites to ease you into your diving experience. It also allows you to move through the course at your own pace.

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