Scuba Junkie Covid-19 Procedures

Scuba Junkie Komodo has always been committed to our guests and staff safety in and out of the water. The following requirements have been put in place to ensure our guests and staff feel safe whilst enjoying the stunning resort and epic diving. We thank you for your co-operation with our requirements in the ‘new normal’. From the moment you arrive in Labuan Bajo to the moment you leave we will be ensuring that you feel confident that we have your best interests at heart.

The key things that we will be adhering to are:
  • Wearing a face mask at all times (aside from eating, drinking and diving)
  • Practicing social distancing of 1m from people you are not travelling with
  • Hand washing and sanitizing of areas

We require a non-reactive rapid test that is valid for the duration of your stay. A rapid test is valid for 14days from when the results are issued.

Domestic Travel - Arrivals

Domestic arrivals at Bali DPS airport require a negative rapid test (or PCR) result issued within 14 days of arrival.

All arrivals in Bali DPS should have the following in addition to the negative test result:

  • Install the eHAC app on your phone for quarantine monitoring, take the survey, and get the QR code in return.
  • All passengers are required to fill in a health certificate on arrival at the airport

All travelers are recommended to carry a full set of original documents and a second set of photocopies - handing over photocopies could speed your processing. A back-up set of digital copies on your phone is a good idea, too.

Domestic Travel - Departures

Passengers departing from the Labuan Bajo (LBJ) domestic terminal must have a negative rapid test or PCR result within 14 days of departure. They have been checking for these at the entrance to the domestic terminal before checking in as well as checking everyone's temperature. This has led to longer queues in the airport so please allow plenty of time before check in.

If you are flying back to Bali you are required to fill Bali Health Alert Form (Formulir Kewaspadaan Kesehatan Provinsi Bali) that can be accessed here

If you are flying back to Jakarta you are required to install and activate Peduli Lindungi app on mobile device.

You will also need to install the eHAC app on your phone for quarantine monitoring, take the survey, and get the QR code in return.

Arriving in Labuan Bajo

  • Designated Scuba Junkie Taxi driver who sanitises their car between pick-ups and drop offs
  • Separate bookings will not be mixed in one taxi
  • Before entering the taxi please wear you mask and sanitise your hands
  • Keep your mask on during taxi ride to our boat

Arriving at the Scuba Junkie transfer boat

  • All Scuba Junkie staff will be wearing face masks when you arrive
  • Your temperature will be checked before you go onto the boat and we will check your rapid test results
  • If your temperature is 37.3 degrees Celcius or above then you will not be able to check in with us and we recommend you go to Siloam hospital for a PCR swab test.
  • Each boat has a hand sanitizer station for you to use as soon as you get on
  • During the journey please socially distance from those who are you not travelling with
  • Boats will be marked to assist with social distancing

Arriving at the Scuba Junkie Komodo Beach Resort

  • Everyone to use the hand sanitizing station at the end of the jetty when getting off the boat
  • Our staff will bring your luggage straight to your room & luggage will be disinfected
  • Before entering the restaurant area please wash your hands for 20 seconds. Practice social distancing as you wait

During your stay

  • Please wear a mask at all times when you are not in your room / eating / drinking
  • All guests will have an allocated eating area that will make social distancing easy. Once you have your seat for dinner that’s yours for the whole stay
  • Groups who have travelled together do not need to socially distance
  • When socializing on the deck area we ask that you socially distance from those you are not travelling with and wear a mask as much as possible
  • Areas where you can and can’t sit will be marked to help with this
  • Staff will check your temperature every morning before diving and when the boat returns from diving
  • If your temperature is 37.3 degrees Celcius or above then you are not permitted to dive with us and we will assist with arranging transport to Labuan Bajo.
  • If you show a temperature of 37.3 degrees or above, or any other persistent symptoms of COVID-19 (coughing, runny nose, loss of smell), you will be placed in an isolation room until we can arrange for you to be transported to Labuan Bajo.

On the dive boats

  • Please wear your mask at all times when not eating or drinking
  • Wear your face mask for as long as possible before putting on your dive gear
  • Buddy checks to be conducted whilst wearing a face mask
  • Staff will provide a full briefing on conducting a buddy check that is in line with our COVID-19 safety regulations
  • Each guest will have their own bucket for rinsing masks and mouth pieces
  • Each guest will be provided with a sanitized basket to store belongings. We encourage you to bring a small bag to bring on the boat with you and somewhere clean for you to store your facemask whilst you are diving.
  • Each guest will have individual breakfast and lunch boxes, a cutlery set and glass
  • We encourage everyone to bring reusable water bottles
  • The same dive guide / instructor will be assigned to you for your whole stay, as much as possible
  • The communal toilet on the boat will be sanitised after each use

Behind the scenes

  • All of our staff will have their temperature checked each morning and will adhere to strict "new normal" protocols in the work place
  • Common areas will be sanitized regularly
  • Your meals will be prepared using all sanitary protocols implemented in line with the ‘new normal’

As a safeguard for other guests, our staff and the local community, we from Scuba Junkie urge you to comply with these guidelines. Our dedicated staff has been trained to follow and conduct these measures to make sure your holiday is just as enjoyable and amazing as you have imagined it, even during these extraordinary times!

Thank you very much for your support. Let’s fight Covid -19 together and keep diving!
Your Scuba Junkie Team

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